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7 Ways to Stop Feeling Tired All the Time

7 Ways to Stop Feeling Tired All the Time
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Do you ever feel like your eyelids are weighted down? Does the idea of sitting down to a meal leave you feeling exhausted? If so, you’re not alone. Approximately 80% of Americans experience fatigue as a result of stress and chronic low-grade fatigue is more common than you might think.

It can be difficult to keep going when everything seems to conspire against you – that overwhelming feeling of exhaustion, the constant need for a break, or the nagging thought that life just isn’t worth it. But staying awake at night because you don’t want to face the day again doesn’t help either.

Lack of sleep, stress and overstimulation are classic triggers that cause tiredness in many people. If left unresolved, they can also lead to more serious conditions such as depression and anxiety. Here are seven lifestyle changes that will help you get more energized and reduce your risk of fatigue:

Eat a balanced diet

Eating a well-balanced diet low in refined sugars and preservatives will improve your energy levels and help to reduce fatigue. A high-fibre diet will help to decrease fatigue by expanding your bowel movements and reducing constipation. Whole grains, fish, fruit, vegetables, pulses, legumes, eggs, and dairy products are all high in fibre. Dietary fibre is essential for healthy bowel function, and a lack of it can lead to constipation.

Exercise regularly

Regular physical activity can have a positive impact on your energy levels, helping to increase stamina and boost focus. It can also improve your mood and reduce symptoms of depression. If you’re looking to increase your energy and feel less fatigued, exercise can be helpful.

Stop drinking caffeine

Caffeine is a powerful stimulant and should be avoided by those who suffer from fatigue. A growing number of studies have suggested that caffeine is a worrisome contributor to fatigue. Besides being a potent diuretic, caffeine also contains histamine, which can worsen fatigue by decreasing blood levels of histamine.

7 Ways to Stop Feeling Tired All the Time

Cut back on alcohol

Alcohol provokes low blood sugar, which can negatively affect mood, concentration and energy levels. Alcohol also contains chemicals that increase fatigue by disrupting your sleep.

Take a moment to breathe

Take a moment to breathe. Try shutting your eyes and counting backwards from 1000. You may find that this simple technique helps to calm you down and clear your mind, allowing you to refocus on the task at hand.

Establish a daily routine

Having a consistent routine can reduce stress and help to maintain a regular sleep pattern. Ensure that your daily rituals are as important to you as breathing.

Establish your “power hours”

It may be beneficial to set aside certain hours of the day as your “power hours.” During your power hours, you may be better able to focus on work or socializing without succumbing to the demands of an overactive mind.

Sleep well to feel more energized

Sleep is a crucial part of regulating hormones such as serotonin, cortisol, and melatonin. Sleep deficiency can lead to an increase in levels of cortisol, a hormone that contributes to an increase in fatigue. Cortisol levels rise in response to stress and are then lowered once the stress is over.

A well-rounded diet, regular exercise, and avoiding caffeine and alcohol can significantly improve your energy levels. But there are also things you can do to better manage your energy levels while reducing fatigue. By following these tips, you can feel energized and ready to tackle the day ahead.

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