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About Us

Salty Glow is a website that focuses mainly on salt and its health benefits.

salt is a mineral that is most commonly used to enhance the flavor of food. salt is also used in bathing as a means of relaxation, and in industry as a preservative. there are many different types of salt with varying levels of saltiness.

Founded by a registered dietitian, we are committed to providing you with the latest salt research as well as recipes and food ideas that will help you make healthy choices.

The webiste has a goal to educate the world about salt and its many health benefits and uses. Salty Glow is not only focused on the health benefits of salt but also on how it can be used in the kitchen, for beauty, in skin care, and for medicinal purposes.

Our Staff

site editor
Site Editor: Zoha Povey
customer service
Customer Service: Jordana Hoffman
content creator
Content Creator: Adrian Alcock

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