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Health Blog Guest Post

Are you interested in writing a guest post for our health blog? We welcome contributions from writers, bloggers, and individuals with an interest in helping our readers to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

We strongly recommend you read our submission guidelines below before sending us an email or submitting your post. By following these guidelines, you will significantly increase your chances of getting published on our blog.

All Content Must Be Original

We strive to provide our readers with helpful and interesting material. We request that any material submitted not appear anywhere else on the web. We will check all material submitted for plagiarism using an automated system to make sure it hasn’t been taken from another source.

Your Guest Post Must Be Relevant

It must be in line with the blog’s topic or readers may get confused. A piece that seems off-topic may lose its value in the reader’s eyes, which can affect its potential to rank. Make sure to choose a topic that your readers will find interesting, but also make sure it’s relevant to the blog’s topic. In most cases, it’s better to write a few posts about a single topic in-depth than a single post about many topics superficially. It’s usually easier to craft an in-depth post that readers will find valuable than it is to try to create a post that tries to cover too many topics.

We’re looking for original content that is well-researched, well- written, and engaging. We’re particularly interested in topics about:

  • Salt and its health benefits
  • General health topics
  • Beauty topics
  • Mind and soul topics
  • Weight loss topics

Simple Requirements:

  • 800+ Words content
  • The title should have good search volume
  • Keyword focused content with proper H2, H3, and H4s
  • Plagiarism Free content
  • You can also add meta description in the content
  • 2 Backlinks is allowed per post!

We Want Articles, Not Ads

We are open to the idea of collaborating on sponsored content, but we don’t want to spam our readers. Please don’t send us a sales pitch disguised as an article; we can tell! Believe it or not, we can tell!

 Submit your knowledge!

Send us your pitch by filling out the form below . You will be notified via email about the status of your submission.

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