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8 Healthy, Kid-Friendly “Cocktails” to Make This Summer

Kid-Friendly “Cocktails”
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Kids want to mimic the people they admire. If their parents, older relatives or people in their social circle are sipping drinks by the pool, they may get curious about adult beverages. To let them in on the fun, allow them to grab one of these kid-friendly cocktails when they want a delicious drink just like their loved ones.

1. Cotton Candy Mocktail

Recent research shows 34.4% of kids between 12 and 20 have had one hard beverage. They may want to try alcohol to fit in with the people in their lives, but delicious alternatives can satiate their curiosity. 

For a cotton candy mocktail, combine ½ cup of pink cotton candy with the same amount of sparkling water and strawberry or watermelon juice. Serve cold over ice in plastic drinkware so your kids feel included without risking broken glass by your pool.

2. Nonalcoholic Sangria

Sangrias are popular summer drinks your kids don’t have to miss just because of their age. They can enjoy an alcohol-free sangria made of red grape juice and lemon-lime soda. 

Between glasses of sangria, make sure your kids stay hydrated with water. Soda and juices contain high amounts of sugar, which can lead to problems like cavities. Water contains fluoride, which repairs and strengthens teeth so cavities are less of a concern. 

3. Gummy Bear Mocktail

The bright pink shade of a cosmopolitan might draw your curious child in for a sip. When they want to try your beverage, pull a bag of gummy bears out of your pantry. Drop 5-10 gummy bears in the bottom of a glass and top it with equal parts lime soda and watermelon juice. The soft pink hue and bubbly sweetness will make your child feel included so they don’t want to break any household rules about alcohol.

4. Virgin Piña Colada

People often picture sitting pool or beachside with a piña colada in hand. When it’s time to treat yourself to a tropical drink, make a mocktail version for your kids. They’ll love sharing a nearly identical recipe requiring only 4 ounces of pineapple juice and 2 ounces of coconut milk.

You could even use pineapple juice fortified with electrolytes. The extra salty minerals replenish your child’s hydration after they’ve been sweating. They can play on the beach, by the pool or out in the yard without feeling lightheaded from dehydration.

5. Cherry Limeade Mocktail

You might want a cherry limeade cocktail to top your pool day off. It’s the ultimate sweet drink to help you relax after your summer activities and it’s even easier to make without alcohol.

All you need to do is mix lemon-lime soda with a splash of cherry juice. If your kids want to get fancy, pit some cherries and muddle them before mixing them into each glass. It’s an extra sweet way to have fun as a family.

6. Virgin Mint Julep

There’s a reason why people historically sipped mint juleps while watching horses race under the Kentucky sun. It’s a thirst-quenching beverage with or without the bourbon. Make your kids a glass between dips in your pool to help them stay hydrated.

Dissolve 2 cups of sugar in 2 cups of boiling water. Stir gently before simmering the mixture with at least 8-10 mint leaves. After 2 minutes of simmering, move the pot off your active burner and let it cool to room temperature.

Remove the leaves by draining the minty simple syrup through a fine mesh strainer. Save it in a Mason jar or another container and fill a few cups with ginger ale. They can add mint simple syrup until their drink is sweet enough and sip it from an insulated tumbler or water bottle.

7. Shirley Temple Mocktail

The Shirley Temple drink might be the origin of kid-friendly cocktails. Although the recipe’s birthplace is up for debate, it began to include the underage actress in parties with her co-workers. 

You can make the same drink at home with 1 cup of lemon-lime soda, 2 tablespoons of pomegranate juice, a splash of lemon juice and simple syrup. The delectably red beverage will make your kids feel fancier than movie stars without too much hassle on your part.

8. Nonalcoholic Mojito

When you’re ordering food from your favorite Mexican restaurant, make mojitos for the whole family. Your kids will love the bubbly beverage without the rum in your glass. All you need is a minty simple syrup boiled and strained into a glass.

Mix however much simple syrup your kids enjoy with ice, a splash of lime juice and enough lemon-lime soda to fill their preferred glasses. The drinks look identical, so your kids will feel included in all your poolside fun.

Try Making Kid-Friendly Cocktails

It’s always easy to make kid-friendly cocktails and include the whole family in your refreshing poolside drinks. Use these ideas to get everyone excited for your next afternoon in the sun. Whether they sip their mocktails from water bottles or plastic drinkware, everyone will stay hydrated and have extra fun this summer.

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