30 Day Plant Based Diet Plan: How To Eat Healthy by Eating Plants!

30 Day Plant Based Diet Plan: How To Eat Healthy by Eating Plants!
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Today, more than ever before, people are looking for answers when it comes to how they can eat healthier. What that means depends on who you ask and where you look. But, one thing is certain: the current state of our food system isn’t working for most people. In fact, a recent report from United States Department of Agriculture showed that roughly two-thirds of Americans are now obese or overweight.

The result? Today is more hectic than ever before. With more time spent in cars, offices, and other spaces full of processed foods and high-calorie options available 24/7, it’s no wonder many people struggle to eat well day in and day out. That being said, there’s hope!

The good news is that a plant-based diet plan can help you lose weight and make positive changes to your health! We talked with Laurin Buehler of Be You Media Coaching Group to learn more about the benefits of a plant-based diet plan. She happens to be vegan so she knows first hand what it means to give up animal products and go veg instead! She also has experience designing plant-based meal plans which we’ll get into later in this article!

What does a plant-based diet plan involves?

A plant-based diet is a diet that is rich in vegetables and fruits. Fruits are comprised of the vegetable group and the seeds of flowering plants, while vegetables are plant parts that are edible and used for food. There are many vegan diets, but the one we’ll focus on here is a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables. Vegetables are the base of any healthy diet.

They are low in calories and high in nutrients, including fibre, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Vegetables are also a good source of water. They help to fill you up and keep you hydrated. They are rich in various vitamins and minerals, making them an extremely healthy part of any diet.

Why would you choose a vegan diet?

There are many reasons why someone might choose to be vegan. Some people choose to be vegan based on their ethics, while others choose to follow a vegan diet to improve their health. Many people choose to go vegan for the health benefits, including improved blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and weight loss. However, there are also many ethical reasons to be vegan.

Healthy Vegan Diets can help to lower your cholesterol, reduce your body weight, and improve your blood pressure. Vegan diets can improve your heart health by reducing your risk of coronary artery disease and lowering your blood pressure. Vegan diets can also lower your blood sugar and cholesterol levels, as well as improve your digestion and immunity. Another great benefit of eating a vegan diet is the opportunity to reduce your risk of certain illnesses, such as obesity and diabetes.

30 Day Plant Based Diet Plan: How To Eat Healthy by Eating Plants!

3 reasons to commit to a 30 day vegan diet plan right now!

As we’ve discussed, a plant-based diet is beneficial for many reasons both health-wise and ethically. The best part? Going veg can help you improve your health and lose weight, drastically reduce your carbon footprint, and save the animals who get exploited to do your food shopping! So, why not make a commitment to go vegan and reap these benefits?

1. You’ll Feel Better – A vegan diet can be beneficial for many reasons, including improving cholesterol levels and weight loss. Increased levels of cholesterol in the body come from animal products, which can lead to increased blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer. With a vegan diet, you’ll help to lower these bad cholesterol levels and feel better overall!

2. You’ll Save Money – Another great benefit of going vegan is that you’ll save money. This is because most vegan products are cheaper than their animal-based counterparts. You can also save by eating vegan meals instead of eating out, buying snacks and snacks, and buying groceries every week. A vegan diet can also be cheaper if you choose to grow your own produce instead of buying it pre-prepared.

3. You’ll Help Others – Vegan diets are not just beneficial for your health, they’re also an ethical choice! With fewer animals having to be exploited for food and other products, you can help to reduce the amount of harm done to animals. You can also help to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by choosing vegan foods that don’t require large amounts of water to produce.

Which foods are part of a healthy, vegan diet?

Vegan diets can be rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes (such as beans and peas), whole grains, nuts, and seeds. Some people choose to add soy products, like tofu and soy milk, to their diet. These products are high in protein, calcium, and areoflavones, which have been shown to have some benefits for health. However, soy products are often high in phytic acid, which can interfere with the absorption of minerals such as iron and zinc. This can lead to lower levels of these minerals.

A healthy, vegan diet should feature a variety of vegetables, beans, and other whole foods. You can also add seeds, nuts, and whole grains to your diet. Healthy vegan diets are rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and soy products. Many vegans eat little to no processed foods, so they focus on eating foods that are in their natural, unprocessed state.


In summary, a plant-based diet is one where you eat a variety of vegetables and fruits, along with other plant-based foods like beans and whole grains. Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals, while other plant-based foods are low in calories and contain fibre, which helps to make you feel full.

The benefits of a plant-based diet are numerous, and a vegan diet is one of the most healthful and sustainable options out there. Vegan diets are lower in saturated fat and cholesterol and provide a wide variety of nutrients. Vegan diets are also environmentally friendly as they require less water, land, and energy to produce than animal-based diets.

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