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5 Healing Uses of Himalayan Salt

5 Healing Uses of Himalayan Salt
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In the mountains of Asia, salt deposits were carved out eons ago when glaciers melted. The pristine salt left behind is known as Himalayan Salt because it’s found in the Himalayan Mountains. It has a pinkish hue with an almost ethereal glow. Due to its unrivaled properties and rarity, it cost much more than conventional white salt. But does that mean you should avoid using it? Absolutely not! Fortunately, not all forms of this salt are exotic and expensive; you can find affordable versions of it at any grocery store (even Amazon). From deodorant to toothpaste, DIY beauty products, and even skincare formulas, there are plenty of ways to use Himalayan salt in your home. Here are 5 healing uses of Himalayan salt:

Decongesting Shower Mist

One of the most common benefits of Himalayan salt is its ability to reduce inflammation. If you have allergies or are sensitive to smells, you’ll know just how annoying it is to have a stuffy nose. Even seasonal allergies can cause a stuffy nose, and showering can worsen it. Spraying a decongesting mist in the shower can help reduce inflammation and unblock your nasal passages. To make a decongesting shower mist, combine 4 tablespoons of Himalayan salt and 1 cup of water. Mix until the salt dissolves, then pour into a spray bottle.

Purifying Facial Toner

If you have acne-prone skin, you might be using a toner in your skincare routine. The salt in the toner helps control excess oil production, while the trace minerals in the salt provide a rich source of nourishment for your skin. You can make a Himalayan salt toner by mixing 1 cup of Himalayan salt with 1 cup of water. Use a cheesecloth to strain the mixture before storing it in a clean bottle. For best results, apply this toner after cleansing your face, and before moisturizing. Always make sure to splash your face with warm water before patting it dry. This will help open your pores and increase the effectiveness of the toner.

Soothing Foot Soak

Salt is effective at relieving aches and pains, and it’s no different for your feet. It can reduce swelling and act as a natural painkiller. This makes it a perfect addition to a foot soak. To make a soothing foot soak, add 1/2 cup of Himalayan salt to a warm foot bath. Add your favourite essential oils to increase the soothing effect. Alternatively, you can add 1 cup of Epsom salt to a foot bath to reduce swelling. Whichever salt you use, make sure it’s pure Himalayan salt (or any other unrefined salt).

Even out Dark Skin Patches

If you’re fair-skinned, you’ve probably noticed dark patches on the skin (usually on your face). These discolorations can be the result of sun damage, allergies, or any other number of factors. They don’t fade easily, and can be embarrassing. But what if we told you that these discolorations can be removed by salt? You’re probably wondering how that works and if it’s safe. The salts in Himalayan salt are rich in trace minerals that your skin needs to look healthy and vibrant. When applied to the skin, these minerals boost circulation and aid the body in flushing out toxins. This can help even out dark patches on the skin and provide a noticeable glow.

Get Rid of Acne Scars

As you know, acne is a painful but common skin condition that leaves scars on the face. They can be unsightly, but they can be treated and reduced with the right skincare routine. To help reduce the appearance of acne scars, try a Himalayan salt face scrub. Mix together 2 tablespoons of Himalayan salt, 2 tablespoons of baking soda, and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to make it smell nice. Apply the scrub on your face (avoiding the eye area) and leave for 5 minutes. Rinse off with warm water and pat your face dry afterwards. This simple skincare routine can help reduce the appearance of acne scars and make your skin look fresh and radiant.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this article on the 5 healing uses of Himalayan salt. From decongesting to reducing acne scars, this unassuming pink salt has a lot of uses in the home. It’s important to remember that while salt can be beneficial in certain skincare products, it can also be very drying to the skin. If you decide to use it, make sure to use it in moderation and follow up with a moisturizer.

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