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Embrace the Chicest Caviar Experiences Right Now at These 6 Restaurants

Caviar Experiences
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Few would have expected caviar to take off the way it has in recent years. Yet, this renewed love for such an exquisite delicacy has people exploring the best caviar restaurants. And why not? These establishments often boast opulent flare to accompany the most elegant caviar services.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in caviar tasting, these six restaurants will deliver the culinary experience of a lifetime.

Luxe Roe All the Rage

People began indulging in luxury foods during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, demand for caviar boomed, with everyone searching for the best caviar restaurants and online vendors upon reopening. 

According to market research firm Fact.MR, economists predict a 76.% increase in caviar sales by the end of 2033. Revenue for caviar already surpassed $100 million in 2022.

Caviar is a healthy source of vital nutrients and vitamins, including omega-3 fatty acids and selenium. They are also high in protein, from which 10% to 35% of daily calories should be derived.

Although more expensive — and traditionally eaten as an appetizer — less costly roe is becoming widely available, especially for those who’ve only recently begun eating caviar. Egg extraction processes have changed, too, with new methods of collecting the ovaries from female fish without killing them.

Upscale eateries have been particularly keen on caviar service, welcoming a new wave of customers interested in roe offerings — particularly during National Caviar Day, celebrated on July 18 yearly. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to find caviar at restaurants, no matter where you live.

6 Best Caviar Restaurants in the United States

The best caviar restaurants are spread across U.S. cities where people from all over can enjoy the finest service. Experts guide patrons through caviar tastings while recommending beverages to round out the highest quality roe. Here are six caviar restaurants you won’t want to miss. 

The Champagne & Caviar Bar at RH Guesthouse

The Meatpacking District’s RH Guesthouse opened its long-awaited Champagne & Caviar Bar in November 2023 — a 32-seat lounge where guests can relish a special curated menu of Petrossian Imperial Kaluga Caviar and the finest champagne and vodka selections worldwide.

The tasting menu includes carefully developed caviar offerings, such as brioche rolls around king crab or lobster, topped with caviar and crème fraîche. Another exciting feature is RH’s caviar potatoes — crunchy latkes with crème fraîche or pomme purée and caviar on top.

Reservations at The Champagne & Caviar Bar will likely be in high demand as plans to open more lounges at other RH locations remain in the works.

Petrossian Boutique

Renowned French restaurant Petrossian boasts several boutique restaurants in Paris, New York and California, including Los Angeles Airport. At its West Hollywood location, Petrossian delivers the same exemplary caviar service at each mealtime, with several roe types for different tastes.

Its finest selections include Special Reserve Ossetra Caviar, Royal Ossetra Caviar, Tsar Imperia Kalugo Huso and Classic Baika Caviar. For the romantics, the Tsar Imperial Baika is enough to reignite sparks between couples on a night out. 

Miller & Lux

Food Network star Chef Tyler Florence owns Miller & Lux in San Francisco, where he’s set out to make the finest Caesar salad in the world. The eatery also delivers premium caviar with its unique custard-filled roe doughnuts. This off-menu, bite-sized delicacy is filled with crème fraiche and topped with Kaluga caviar.

Patrons may also order Kaluga Reserve Caviar from the raw bar menu, served with smoked burrata, yuzu and chives.

Cathédrale New York

Few can prepare themselves for the culinary experience at Cathédrale New York. The restaurant serves 30g or 50g of Imperia Royal Ossetra with a lemon crème fraiche bavaroise, blinis, chives and shallots.

Among its signature dishes, the Potato Chip Omelette is the most popular. Chef Jason Hall adopted part of the recipe from the Parisian restaurant Lazare, using eggs, garlic, fine herbs cheese, fresh chives and crispy kettle-cooked potato chips topped with Kaluga caviar. 

Le Bilboquet

With locations in New York, Florida, Texas, Colorado and Georgia, Le Bilboquet has earned itself a spot on the list of best caviar restaurants. At Le Bilboquet in Atlanta, you can order 28g of Siberian caviar — Le Bilboquet’s very own — with blini, eggs, chive and crème fraîche accompaniments. 

Patrons can also enjoy half a bottle of Lanson Champagne under its Pearls & Champagne menu option — an unforgettable pairing. Le Bilboquet also serves Calvisius Osetra Royal Caviar and Calcisuius Imperial roe.  

The Caviar Bar at Zero George 

Nestled in the heart of Charleston, South Carolina, The Caviar Bar at Zero George — the city’s newest boutique hotel at a restored 19th-century mansion — has become a hotspot for reservations. 

Why the upsurge in caviar bars in the past few years? People have been enjoying caviar for over 250 million years, and many bars across the U.S. strive to satisfy customers by offering drink accompaniments to enhance the flavor of this delicacy.

The Caviar Bar can accommodate up to eight people for an intimate and immersive tasting with Zero’s Chef Vinson Petrillo. Per Charleston’s love for spirits, expert beverage director Megan Mina pairs the finest wines and champagne with roe and other delectable 

à la carte offerings.

Satisfy Your Taste Buds at the Best Caviar Restaurants

There are numerous places where you can feast on excellent roe in the U.S. Of course, these six locations are among the most popular for delicious roe. 

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