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Reasons to Have Himalayan Salt Lamps in Your Home

A hand burning a wooden stick next to a crystal and Himalayan salt lamp
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Are you perhaps in the moving process or a similar stressful situation and looking to make your life in a new home peaceful and healthy? If so, look no further than Himalayan salt lamps. Apart from being beautiful, these lamps are made from Himalayan salt crystals. And these types of crystals offer a range of health benefits. Moreover, they help add a unique and calming ambiance to any room. And rightfully so.

Therefore, read on if you wish to know more about Himalayan salt benefits and uses in this form. This article will share all the reasons why having a lamp like this is a good and healthy option for you and your new home.

The list of reasons why it’s good to have Himalayan salt lamps in your house

Before we jump into why one should invest in this type of lamp, it’s important to note that these delicate things require careful handling when transported. Thus, if you’re moving to a new home, it is essential to take all the necessary precautions and ensure it arrives at its destination intact.

That said, starting with suitable materials when packing fragile items, such as Himalayan salt lamps, is essential. These include:

  • bubble wrap,
  • packing tape,
  • packing paper, and
  • sturdy boxes.

Then, once you have all the materials ready, it’s time to prepare your lamp for transport: Begin by wiping any dust off it and gently wrapping it in several layers of bubble wrap. Then, it’s time to place it in the right-sized box. The box mustn’t be too small or too big. Finally, fill any empty spaces with packing paper and seal the box with packing tape. Also, it is wise to label the package as ‘fragile’ so you or your movers know to pay extra care when handling it.

By taking time to pack your Himalayan salt lamp correctly, you’ll ensure it arrives at your new home the way you bought it. And then, after you’ve settled into your new home, you can start enjoying all the benefits having this lamp brings to the table. 

#1 It purifies the air

One of the most important and well-known benefits of having these lamps is that they purify the air in your home. If you’re wondering how, here’s a simplified explanation:

These lamps emit negative ions that neutralize the positive ions from the air.

And what makes positive ions? Television, phones, computers, and all those devices we cannot live without can create an imbalance in our bodies. Therefore, the negative ions these lamps emit help counteract this, thus, creating a more balanced and healthy environment.

#2 Reduces stress

Yet another meaningful benefit of these lamps is that they promote relaxation and, therefore, reduce stress. Their soft glow is perfect for unwinding after a long day, creating a calming ambiance.

The negative ions Himalayan salt lamps emit also help reduce anxiety and stress. Therefore, investing in these lamps would be an excellent option if you wish your home to promote a sense of calmness and tranquility.

#3 They could help with respiratory issues

The Himalayan glowy salt lamps are also known to benefit our respiratory systems. They help with conditions such as asthma, sinus problems, and allergies. The reason for this is that the negative ions neutralize allergens and pollutants in the air, and thus, making it easier to breathe. 

#4 They improve sleep quality

Poor quality of sleep can have a significant impact on our overall health. Fortunately, these lamps can improve the quality of your sleep, as they, as mentioned earlier, promote relaxation. Ultimately, their soft and warm glow helps create a peaceful environment, making it a perfect foundation for a good night’s sleep.

A girl sleeping tightly with her teddy because there are Himalayan salt lamps in her home.
Himalayan salt lamps promote relaxation and, therefore, ensure better sleep.

#5 Himalayan salt lamps help in boosting your mood

If you find yourself with low energy and feeling down, then a Himalayan salt lamp is just what you need. The negative ions they omit are known to help in boosting one’s energy levels and promote a sense of vitality and well-being. So you’d agree; buying at least one of these lamps is worth considering. 

A heart made of Himalayan salt.
The negative ions from Himalayan salt lamps promote a sense of well-being.

#6 They can help with SAD symptoms (seasonal affective disorder)

Moreover, having these lamps during winter is especially beneficial, as Seasonal Affective Disorder is becoming increasingly common. This usually happens in winter, as days get shorter, and one cannot do enough daylight or outdoor activities. Luckily, a Himalayan salt lamp’s soft and warm glow can help mimic the natural sunlight, alleviate your SAD symptoms, and boost your mood.

#7 Having this lamp can improve your focus

Apart from the previously mentioned, we haven’t finished our list yet. Another benefit of negative ions these lamps omit is that they help improve one’s focus and concentration. Therefore, if you find yourself ‘stuck in a rot,’ purchasing a Himalayan salt lamp would be good for improving your efficiency.

#8 They’re eco-friendly

Since these lamps are made of natural salt crystals and are a renewable resource, they represent an eco-friendly choice for your new home. On the contrary, other lamps are made of non-renewable sources, like metal or plastic. Therefore, Himalayan glow salt lamps are an environmentally sustainable choice. 

#9 These lamps are quite unique and beautiful ambiance in any room

Apart from the numerous benefits these lamps have, they are also simply lovely to have in the home and to look at. Their warm orange glow creates a cozy, intimate atmosphere, perfect for relaxing and having a pleasant time with friends. 

A Himalayan salt lap on a wooden chair.
These lamps create a unique and relaxing atmosphere.

#10 They’re a great alternative to harsh artificial lamps

Ultimately, we are all aware that artificial lighting can cause eye strain, headaches, and other health problems. With that said, investing in these types of lamps will provide you with a warm, gentle glow that is easy on your eyes and will help reduce any eye strains or headaches that might appear. 

Final words on Himalayan salt lamps

Lastly, having Himalayan salt lamps in your home brings numerous health benefits. Also, they are a beautiful addition to any home. So, why not try one and experience all these benefits for yourself?

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